Why invest in a holiday business in Wales or Herefordshire

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Why invest in a holiday cottage?


Why invest in a holiday business in Wales or Herefordshire


As a potential investor, you might be wondering why a holiday cottage business in the Wye Valley isn't just a serene retreat but also a strategic asset. Here's why taking the plunge into the holiday cottage industry in this picturesque area is more than just a way into hospitality—it's a venture ripe with opportunity.






Thriving Tourist Attractions:

This whole area is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage, including the bewitching Puzzlewood, the serene Wye River, and the iconic Clearwell Caves. These attractions are year-round draws for tourists, ensuring a steady stream of guests seeking comfortable accommodation. Investing in a holiday cottage here puts you at the forefront of a location with an established visitor base, reducing the risk often associated with tourism-dependent businesses.






Growing Market for 'Staycations':

The trend for staycations has seen a significant rise, particularly in the wake of global travel restrictions and pretty dramatic scenes at airports. People are increasingly looking for holiday destinations within the country, and Wales and Herefordshire fits the bill for those looking for escapes close to home. By investing in a holiday cottage, you are capitalizing on a burgeoning market, offering travellers the local retreat they crave.


Eco-Tourism Potential:

With the world becoming more eco-conscious, this areas commitment to preserving its natural environment makes it an ideal spot for eco-tourism. Investing in a cottage business here allows you to align with sustainable practices, attracting a growing segment of environmentally mindful travellers and setting your business apart as a green choice.






Flexibility and Lifestyle:

Running a holiday cottage business provides a flexible lifestyle. You can choose to be as hands-on or off as you desire, with the potential to delegate day-to-day management. It also offers the personal perk of having a retreat for yourself and your family, combining business with pleasure in an area that's synonymous with relaxation.


Financial Incentives and Growth:

With some areas having modest property prices relative to major tourist cities, this presents an attractive proposition for investors. The financial barrier to entry is lower, but the potential for capital growth is promising due to the area's popularity and ongoing developments. Moreover, the opportunity for diversifying income—through add-on services like guided tours, bespoke experiences, and partnerships with local businesses—can enhance profitability.


Community Support:

A holiday cottage business is not just a personal investment but also a community one. By becoming part of the local economy, you contribute to employment and support regional suppliers. This community aspect can not only be fulfilling but also beneficial for business, fostering goodwill and potentially leading to local endorsements.




So, taking on a holiday cottage in this area presents an investment that combines financial promise with lifestyle appeal. The region's beauty, the surge in domestic travel, and its potential for sustainable tourism create a compelling case for investing in a holiday cottage business. By doing so, you're not just buying property; you're becoming an owner of a unique holiday destination with a community-centric ethos, positioned for growth in a future where leisure and nature go hand in hand.



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Big House Holiday Lets is an independent company co-owned and run from the offices of RRK by Lewis Scott. The company specialises in letting large houses for groups of up to 30 people for friends and family get-togethers, birthdays, or anniversaries. Services offered include “meet and greets”, check outs, cleaning, maintenance and laundry. We speak to our guests rather than booking online to ensure that the houses are respected and looked after.


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